Who am I ?

I am aila Mcleod

Aila McLeod is a poet, writer, and author of her new Series “OutWorld”.

She holds a degree in business with emphasis on English literature from Wilberforce University. 

 Aila has also taught computer software programs to senior  Citizens at Elmhurst Community College in Chicago Illinois.

 While her children were growing she volunteered her time to tutor elementary students in English and math.

 Her preferred genre is sci-fi and fantasy novels that create imaginary worlds to escape to.

Aila was born and raised in Ohio with many travels abroad with the military.

She currently lives in the country with her husband Mike and two Chihuahua’s in Florida.

Extraordinary Experiences gained while Traveling

Besides writing books…

I love to Travel. I have been traveling since the very young age
 of 17, when I lived in Japan and traveled to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Panama, and Mexico.

More About Me

Here is a short section on some of the things I LOVE.

For those of you who were nice enough to read this “about me” page, I am very grateful and I have a special offer for you.

I will personally send you an autographed first edition of my first book, Aya’s Fate for $19.99 which includes shipping and handling if you email me here at Aila@aila-mcleod.com 

Please let me know if you would like an inscription or short note to be included as well.

Thanks, Aila 

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